21st Vision

Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him.
-Aldous Huxley

This is my 7th month in Japan – a restless country, unsociable people, and erotic culture, those are common impression against them. It is used to be a huge question in my head, for what sake I’m coming here; seeking wealth and honour? gaining knowledge yet experience? or just escaping away from my responsibilities.

Well, new life had started. And as expected, it’s never been easy to switch it from one country to another. Missing couple links of language, custom, habit, manner are just everyday stories. Being so lonely in a city of 5,847/km2 people density, Tokyo, is what I had to settle in. Every time I tried to talk in Japanese, they seemed to refuse to understand, I just don’t know why. Then If I pose a genuine idea, they would just turn it down politely without saying clearly : “It’s not common here dude, so It can’t be”.

Day to day, I’ve been convincing myself, what a great chance it would be. Many people go travelling abroad to fulfil their fantasy about a happy life in other corner of the globe, but such a rare chance to struggle a daily-life there. You got to work there, make money, control expense, collaborate with fellows, be part of citizen, meet good and bad people, get accustomed with neighbour, see doctor when you’re sick, get arrested if you break the law, etc. Yeah, so many things will happen, and so many times to take action then experience it, invaluable.

Indonesian people in my age are in hot of talking about different options in life. Some of them prefer working in a big company, providing trusted contract, high salary and bonus, as well as tons of facilities- no matter if the job meet their current qualification or not. Few of them keep their mind to desperately find a job or next-grade school that really fits their skill and interest. While little of them refuse to work under else’s name, and run a self-business to satisfy their freedom.

For me, choosing options is not about who is right or wrong, superior or inferior, strong-hearted or weak-belief. The most important thing is a commonly spoken word : contribution. How well you can contribute to your family, nation, or even world-society, depends on how well you undergo your role. And you don’t have to be as genius as Einstein, or as rich as Gates, to claim your contribution. Just perform your best in everyday’s task, then if everybody does, your country and society will just get better undoubtedly.

Personally, I’m dividing my life into 3 phase, it’s called 20-20-20. I just finished my basic study for 20 years, then for the next 20 years I’d improve my profession, seek wealth, run some business, then after that, in the last 20 years (refer to commonly productive age, until 60’s), I’d spend my life to fight against poverty, corrupted government and law, and other social issues that might be encountered. Of course, only Allah knows could it be 20-20-20 or even less.

My favourite is prophet Muhammad, who is a quick, smart learner since youth, then become a great trader in his 20’s, and finally in 40’s started to dedicate his entire life as a prophet and great leader to the bless of human mankind. My second favourite is Muhammad Yunus, founder of Greemen Bank. He is a professor of economic study, who -since his early 40’s- developed micro-credit into an important instrument in the struggle against poverty. In 2006, Nobel Committee awarded Grameen Bank and its founder, Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel Peace Prize “for their efforts to create economic and social development from below.”

So today I turned 21, still a long way to go, my friend. Would you step together with me, with best effort. Then we shall create best moments, best experiences, and best future, together.


3 Responses to 21st Vision

  1. silmya says:


    its nice inspiration

    thank you 🙂

  2. Jabon says:

    petani jabon mampir bro…

  3. musz says:

    mantap, mas Aisar.. sukses selalu..

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