3 Quick Pidgin Tweaks in Ubuntu

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Here are some quick tweaks for pidgin. Pretty useful for Ubuntu and other Linux users. Windows users are not guaranteed, but you can give it a try.

Install classic Yahoo! and MSN smileys

Default Pidgin Smileys

Default Pidgin Smileys

Pidgin’s built-in smileys are nice. But if you miss the original ones, try these steps :

  • click here to download the stuff
  • run Pidgin, go to menu “Tools > Preferences > Smiley Themes”
  • click Add, and browse for the downloaded file
  • choose “Original”

Awesome Notification

Pidgin Notification

Pidgin Notification

Default pidgin won’t show anything when a buddy gets in or gets out. Libnotify does it all briliantly, as well as notify you about the incoming chats. Follow these steps :

  • install pidgin-libnotify. run this in terminal
    “sudo aptitude install pidgin-libnotify”
  • run Pidgin, go to menu “Tools > Plugins”
  • activate Libnotify Popups

Backup-Restore Chat Logs

Sometimes you reformat your PC, or buy a new laptop. And you don’t want to loose your chat history for some reason. Here’s the trick :

  • Open your home folder, select menu “View > Show Hidden Files”
  • Change folder to “.purple”
  • Copy the “logs” folder to somewhere else. Now you’ve backed up your chat history
  • To restore it, paste the “logs” folder to the same relative location (/home/user/.purple/) in the new computer or installation

3 Responses to 3 Quick Pidgin Tweaks in Ubuntu

  1. kekasih says:

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Masih bingung cara masukin smiley di pidginnya….

  3. Congratulations and thanks a lot for this amazing campaign.

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