Ubuntu Gaming with Cedega – Download and Play Now

Ubuntu Addicted?
No worry to enjoy gaming experience! Try Cedega, and start battling Warcraft with your partners over network. Yes, it runs Windows games, also with reliable internet support.

Not all games are compatible with Cedega. Some users are lucky to have their recent game works well, some others experiencing bad graphic or sound, or even only the blank screen appeared. But, the community have maintained useful website containing user’s reports of playing game with Cedega. Have a look at www.cedega.com

Here’s some games i’ve tested with my notebook + Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 + Cedega 6.02

Counter Strike (v.1.5)

This game is playable without having to install it first. Some computers produce a warning / error message while entering the in-game menu, but it is ignorable by pressing enter twice or more. I used OpenGL rendering instead of Direct3D or Software. The gaming experience has been so delighting, so far, i’ve found no problem netiher for the single mode (playing with bot) nor multiplayer over LAN. Thus, Fire In The Hole!!

Hitman Contracts

This is one of my favourite games since the first sequel. Fortunately, Cedega has perfect compatibility with this unique game. The graphic detail and performance should be less impressing than playing in native Windows, but I still put my two thumbs up enjoying this gaming experience.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City


This game needs original CD on the drive during play. Later, I will provide you how to manage image CD and let the game detect it as the original one. Although this game works well without errors, I often experience incorrect texture display, such as invisible wall or building. But overall, it is still enjoyable with some level of tollerance.

Let’s Start Playing with Cedega

Ready to be a Linux Gamer? Follow these steps one by one, and prepare for your glory!

1.Install Proper Manufacture’s Graphic Driver for Linux

In my opinion, NVIDIA has the best driver support for Linux. In fact, the only 3D graphic renderer driver found in Ubuntu packages is compiled by NVIDIA. So, if you’re an NVIDIA user, all you have to do is to ensure the latest nvidia-glx package already installed. Open System > Administration > Synaptic. Query a search of “nvidia”, then make sure “nvidia-glx-new” is installed.

ATI is getting a good support for Linux. Find the latest driver at http://ati.amd.com/support/driver.html. Unfortunately, the driver needs to be compiled manually. If you’re unexperienced with compiling source code, carefully follow the steps suggested at the provided URL.

Intel and Via are behind them. There could be an official driver, but rarely released. Usually, you can still acquire the 3rd party drivers, but with some efforts to succesfully compile and install them. Try Googling at home 🙂

2. Download and Install Cedega

There’s no need of special instruction. Download Cedega 6.02 here. Install the deb package first. Run TransGaming Cedega, select menu TransGaming > Install Local Update, then point to the local update file provided. Test your system before play by selecting menu Tools > System Tests. If everything goes right, then it’s time to advance.

3. Install A Game from Setup CD

Click File > Install. Try “Detect Game Disc” first. If it doesn’t work, Browse manually where the setup.exe file exists. Type a Game Folder name before clicking at Continue. Your installation should begin normally, if not so, check your game’s compatibility issues at Cedega homepage. After installation, you can access your new game folder inside the directory “.cedega” located at your home.

4. Run A Game Directly without Setup

Some games do not require setup to play. For example, Counter Strike v.1.5 I’ve been told you before. For this case, at TransGaming Cedega screen, select Tools > Game Folders > Add, then type in a name for the new folder. Right click at the folder name, then select Add Shortcut. Set Path to Program by choosing the main exe, then set the Working Directory to the folder where it (the main exe) lies.

5. Working With CD Image

This technique is extremely useful if you hate inserting CD everytime you want to play a game. First, make an iso image of your CD : access Places > Computer  then right click at the CD drive, select Copy Disc and set the destination to File Image. Next, type this at terminal screen :

gksudo gedit /etc/fstab

type your password. After an editor opened, add the following line at the end of the file (use tabs, and no spaces are allowed) :

/root/aisar/Vice_City_Play.iso    /media/cdromv1    udf,iso9660    user,noauto,exec,loop    0    0

change the first argumen to your iso image location, save the file and close editor. After that, restart your computer and you’ll have a new virtual CD drive. Remember, just before you play, type “mount /media/cdromv1” on the terminal to have Virtual CD loaded. You can have as many virtual CD as you like by repeating those steps with different mounting point (e.g. /media/cdromv2)

Happy Gaming!


59 Responses to Ubuntu Gaming with Cedega – Download and Play Now

  1. yumcatz says:

    sayang mac susah nyari bajakannya 😛

  2. mas_adhi says:

    ngegam aja nih kerjaannya

  3. aisar says:

    @ yumcatz -> ya udah mac-nya diinstall ubuntu aja 😀

    @ mas_adhi -> gpp buat hiburan.. asal ga berlebihan..

  4. Ahahahaha..dunia emang sempit,awa nyari donlodtan cedega,nemunya di blog ini.. 😀

  5. irfanhanif says:

    Halah,, yg pake Ubuntu malah ngegame..

    Gamenya bajakan g tuh? 😀

  6. richie133 says:

    wah, terima kasih nih solusi gaming nya mas. Tak cobain dulu ya ^_^

  7. iqbal says:

    kk aisar!!!

    ajarin linux…
    knp linux saya hang mulu….

    udah pake 8.04 masih hang..
    merusak kesenangan aj
    blum nyobain cedega padahal

    berkunjung ke http://iqbalinter.blogspot.com/ yah
    hehehe promosi sekalian

  8. peterron says:

    Schöne Bilder

  9. Leviathan says:

    pengen nyobain maen dotA di ubuntu ah…
    tapi bisa ga ya soalnya dotA gw bajakan hehehehe…
    makasih atas infonya…
    bagi2 lagi ya klo ada yg hebat dan baru..
    maklum lah newbie neh.
    masih perlu belajar banyak tentang linux..
    Ajari aku y kk.

  10. joe says:


  11. Tiago says:

    Use english on your statements, since the website and the topic is in english.

    Nice, I think I’m gonna install some game here 🙂
    Thank a lot!

  12. ^^*FOXINHO*^^[sQd] says:


  13. egzon says:

    jom i interistuar per instalin e counter strike

  14. nurelly says:

    minta cedega bajakannya dong download di bitorrent yah kamu

  15. TauLanT says:

    TaLLEGeRss css.conntert astrikk:@

  16. shahrul says:

    hiii like
    many friens

  17. une jam ma i miri ne bot fackyou

  18. salo says:

    magaria counteri:d

  19. shendrit says:

    tung jam shendr it jam nr 2-3 ne kosov qe e luaj konterin

  20. cpx says:

    hehe.. thanks bro..
    wah tempat downloadnya 167.205 ;))

    download dulu kk

  21. loni says:

    hahahah po une nuk luaj kurr gta

  22. dardani says:


  23. mentor says:


  24. FLORIAN says:


  25. FLORIAN says:


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  27. Cs MaDnesS says:

    Thx bro i really need it 😀

  28. florian says:

    une gjith luj gta edhe kontet hehehheheheheheheh:P

  29. mr mehdi says:

    hello i’m iranian i play ounter
    i don’t know engilish ?

  30. kire says:

    yes yes I am the best for counter strike hihihi

  31. Septya says:

    Ok kalauk gitu aq mau baik ok ❤

  32. ribery says:

    o rpot jav qifsha qai qi lun konter

  33. valmir says:

    sa mir po doket en foto

  34. petiboyy says:

    Csá! Sztem jo a cs!

  35. s-postal.ru says:

    Написано конечно всё правильно, хотя и только поверхностно. В любом случае спасибо

  36. LUCKY says:

    i like these things .

  37. gabriel says:

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